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DUCK is an 18 key
numpad with a
rotary encoder,
OLED and
8 underglow LEDs

duck employs a sandwich design with 3 layers: switch plate, PCB and bottom plate. Equipped with Kailh hotswap sockets , duck might be something you never knew you needed!

duck is available in three wild versions: Black, Blue and White. Shipping is available worldwide with tracking in most countries

a single order of duck kit will include the following: PCB x 1 / top plate x 1 / bottom plate x 1 / rotary encoder x 1 / knob x 1 / pro micro x 1 / OLED x 1 / diode x 18 / RGB LEDs x 10 / Kailh hotswap sockets x 18 / bolts and nuts

to complete the build, you will need: dependable willpower, unwavering sense of justice, bottomless love of ducks, a soldering iron, hex key, keycaps and 18 switches of your choice

putting together a kit takes about 40-60 minutes if you enjoy the ride and take it slow, but I have finished a build at 3am in under 18 minutes

R1 Group Buy has been successfully completed, with 200 units sold out in under a minute. All items were shipped within 40 days of GB completion. Price of sale was $23 for a full DIY kit before shipping.

R2 Interest Check will happen early October. Future plan involves: acrylic case / all 1u option, throughhole hybrid.

If you are insterested, feel free to join the discord group for more updates and general fun times